Our Vision

Math Scouts is the one-stop solution for teachers and students who want to excel and grow in their respective fields. Our goal is to bridge the gap between virtual teaching and real learning to provide students with a platform where they can grasp and master the required skills through interactive and visual learning. Here’s how the entire process works for teachers and students.

For Teachers

Calling all teachers! Join us by registering on our website, and start doing what you love the most - teaching! You can choose from a variety of subjects and courses that you wish to teach your students.

Remember - you get to choose the hours suitable for teaching yourself. Select your own timeslots you wish to give to your students, whether it’s part-time or full-time teaching.

On our website, you can optimize your profile yourself. You can upload courses and lessons for each class, track and mark your students' attendance, keep track of class assignments, quizzes, and more.

As far as the payments of your students are concerned, you can keep track of all the payments of each student yourself. Remember - profits are not our ultimate goal, and we take very little commission!

Teacher Image
Teacher Image

For Students

Students can easily choose the subjects they need improvement in from our website.

Math Scouts has a wide range of subjects and courses to choose from, depending on each student’s weak areas and interests.

From there, students can choose if they wish to enroll in in-person, online, or hybrid classes

Upon registration, they will be automatically enrolled in classes with our hand-picked teachers and private tutors who are highly skilled and professional in those subjects or areas.

Course and other study materials will be readily available for each student on their online profile. Not only this, but they can also manage their attendance, grades, and assignments right from their dashboard.